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Place your bets by megaphonnic

First, what is slenderman doing in the background? Next, what is coming out of Bon-Bon's head? And why did you make it so Tom's at the mic?!? Everypony know's Tom is an awful singer!

I think Angle is a boy so I'm going to assume so in the following critique.

Still, very good. Your attention to detail is extraordinary! The doves are a very nice touch by the way. The way you drew Fluttershy is perfect for the situation. Looking at her eyes and her mouth just adds to the hilarity. Her hair also looks really good because of the way it swirls and bends in all the right places. I think Fluttershy's wings could look better if they seemed to be opaque nearer to the bottom and lower on her back. It's hard for me to get really detailed because I prefer to refrain from certain words but I'll try. When I first looked at Angle Bunny I just noticed his face but after a while of looking at the picture I noticed that he had... defecated... in an obviously exaggerated way because that degree of fecal matter looks like it exceeds Angle's total volume and is splayed over Diamond Tiara. Carrot Top is also well drawn because of her facial expression. The skin under her eyes is drawn up in a way entirely appropriate for the situation. Derpy, on the other hand may have possibly been done better because it seems around her nose things get a bit jumbled. Part of her nose seems to be going into her mouth in a way that seems odd to be when I compare it to Carrot Top where you can see there is a cut-off point between her nose and the skin separating it from her mouth. I also like the way the background is set up a lot because of the way you have the trees positioned, a forest, and balloons going off into the mountains. Very well done. The bet-pony's hat and shirt are also particularly detailed and I like them because they are done in a way that it seems as though I can tell exactly what position they are in and how it's hanging on him. I also like the table and the beat stand. Very good detail in the wood. I could go on and on about this for quite a while but I have to sleep eventually so I'm almost done and these next ones will be quick. I like the ponies muzzles -- the square shape. I think there's something very interesting about it and it adds to your unique style. The shading on Brutus' muscles is very convincingly done. Lastly, I think Silver Spoon's hair could be better, I'm not sure whether or not there's supposed to be a sort of wisp that comes down or not. Overall: Very impressive, very detailed, very inappropriate, very funny.
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megaphonnic Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Slenderman is drawing a Penis, Bon Bon has an exclamation mark on top of her head, and Tom is the announcer ;] (Though I did hear his singing voice is atrocious!) XD

And yes I think Angel is a boy too ;]

I got Carried away with some of the faces :/, Got a bit happy with the inks, whether or not the corrections made them look any better I leave to you guys ;]

Thanks for the Critique!, I'll take note on what you say and work on them! /)
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